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Time for a New Website?

As you may have noticed, Alpha Moose has a brand new look!

As it is for most small businesses, it was a big decision to upgrade our website (and name and email address). Leaders might not know when it’s time for a refresh, or how much it'll cost. Is it even worth all the headache?

We've been there. And we're here to help other small business leaders find the answers!

Factor #1: Age

Lots of factors go into deciding to change your website. The first, and easiest, is age. Most experts recommend changing your website once every two to three years. Beyond looking outdated, older websites tend to lack the functions of newer technology. Since the average person only spends about 45 seconds per site, it’s important that your look is attention-grabbing and incredibly easy to use. Otherwise, most people will simply find another website and you’ll be missing out on their patronage.

Older websites also lack updated security features, so they're more likely to fall prey to hacking and security breaches. When this happens, you're potentially not only risking your own data, but also the data collected from customers: addresses, credit cards, contact info, and more! Even if you find the breach early enough and secure your information, simply having to tell your customers that their information has potentially been hacked can damage your reputation, and may cost you customers.

Factor #2: Brand Voice

Rebranding may also be a driving force for changing a website, as it's the first place a client or customer interacts with your small business. For Alpha Moose, we wanted to improve the brand’s voice. The more professional and specialized site clarifies our services and better reflects our hard-earned authority in the copywriting, professional development, and marketing industry.

For any business, clarifying your position in any industry will allow you to succinctly share your mission, your views, and why you charge the prices you charge. Simply put, it lets customers know who you are and justifies the services and prices you charge. Your brand voice may change over the years, and your online (and physical) touch points should all be consistent and up-to-date.

Factor #3: Cost

If you do decide it’s time for a new website, your first question will probably be about cost. The cost of a redesign varies greatly (anywhere from $2,500 to $15,000 is common), and it’s nearly impossible to find a one-size-fits-all quote. You’ll need to think about several aspects of the design process, including...

  • Does it need automatically resize for phones and tablets?

  • Will you have videos and other multimedia on the site?

  • Will you provide the copy and photos, or will the designer need to provide them?

  • Who is going to manage and maintain the site after it has been launched?

  • What features do you need (blog, ecommerce, catalogue, gallery, user login, etc.)?

  • What's your timeline?

Take some time to identify the answers to these questions, and talk to several experts to get several price estimates. Once you have these numbers, you'll know more about what you can afford and what changes you're ready to make.

Factor #4: Goal

While a full redesign might not always be in the cards, a simple copy refresh can still show that you're staying active and updated in your field. It all depends on what your goal is for this refresh.

Don't update your website or check any other marketing/business/growth boxes just because you think you're supposed to; every change should be intentional and focused. If you're 100% completely fine with how things are going with your website, don't stress! It might still be worth it to collect a few prices and learn more, but that doesn't mean you need to jump in feet first.

Sometimes, simple changes like updating copy, replacing images, or page and menu reorganization is all you need to keep your site clean and up-to-date. Look at all your options, the cost, and what your current needs are before making big choices.

Hopefully these factors help ease your website woes! Alpha Moose is here to help if you'd like to talk more about your website goals, including copy refreshes or collaboration with professional Web designer, LivvCreative.

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