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Training & Certifications

Every project is an opportunity to amaze, so we make it our goal to blow you away with superior content and the most attentive customer service.

Client Customization

Alpha Moose takes the time to listen and understand, meeting you where you are now and tailoring services to your every need.

Alpha Copywriting, Every Time

We LOVE writing, take the time to get to know you, and obsess over the details, so you know you're getting superior quality, error-free content every time. 

Moose Don't Hibernate

We get things done on time, every time. The Alpha Moose team is very responsive and believes in clear, timely communication every step of the way.

Crafting Brand Stories is Our Passion

No matter the industry, a good writer is able to tell a captivating story. Our Alpha Moose copywriters excel at weaving exciting, actionable stories to elevate your brand and future.

Why Not a Mongoose?

The Alpha Moose Origin Story

Moose are strong, independent creatures that thrive on their own and run deceptively fast. As a rather introverted writer with big aspirations, I felt a kinship to the noble giant. When starting my business, I loved the idea of helping brands stand out in a crowd, independent and unique. My goal is to help each company become the Alpha Moose in their own field: not aggressive or chaotic, but powerful, impressive, and dynamic. 


It felt like fate that a moose was also my best friend's nickname in college and the main character of one of my favorite childhood book series


We Love Our Clients

Every project is an opportunity to amaze, so we make it our goal to blow you away with superior content and the most attentive customer service.

What’s Next?

Get in touch with us about your next project and we’ll help you reach new heights.


  • Business Communication, 2023

  • Branding and Marketing Communications, 2023

  • A Course About Copy, 2018

  • Persuasion Psychology, 2017

  • Professional Copywriting: A Refresher for Experts, 2017

  • Copyright Protection for Entrepreneurs, 2017

  • SEO Tutorial, 2017



  • Marketing Research, 2023

  • Marketing Management, 2022

  • Marketing Strategy, 2022

  • The Future of Customer Experience, 2021

  • Cornell University Digital Marketing Certificate, 2020

  • Understanding the Digital Marketing Landscape and Customer Funnel, 2020

  • Assessing Opportunities in Paid and Owned Digital Media, 2020

  • Implementing an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan, 2020


Brand Building

  • Business Leadership and Human Values, 2022

  • Brand Building: Cutting Through the Noise in an Age of Extreme Choice, 2020

  • Know Your Customer: Delivering a Personalized Experience, 2019

  • Online Reputation Management, 2018

Brand Building

Social Media

  • Double Your Instagram Following, 2019

  • Collaborate, Publish, Engage: A Social Success How-To, 2019

  • Hashtag Traffic Generation: Hashtag Marketing, 2018

Social Media

Third Party Platforms

  • Canva Graphic Design, 2023

  • MailChimp Email Marketing Certification, 2021

  • MailChimp Email Foundations, 2021

  • MailChimp Newsletters, 2018

  • WordPress: SEO, Marketing, and E-commerce, 2018

  • Complete WordPress Training, 2018

  • How to Make a WordPress Website, 2017

Third Party Platforms


  • Carey Business School Women in Business

  • Baltimore Economic Leadership League (BELL)

  • American Marketing Association (AMA)

  • Barrelhouse Writers Camp

  • Editorial Freelancers Association

  • Sunday Writing Group, Founder

  • NEXUSErika Writers Group



Having Alpha Moose as our Social Media Strategist is refreshing because they bring substance and organization amidst a sea of thoughts and ideas to grow our business. Alpha Moose has strategically allowed us to strengthen our brand efficiently and creatively. I am a forever client and am so grateful to have her on my team.

Gwen Greene


Becky (Alpha Moose) provided exceptional social media support, writing, emails, landing page, flyer design, and event promotion. I'm so glad we brought her on board! She was incredibly professional, responsive, accurate, and very good at writing and marketing. She collaborated daily with my team to help us reach our goals for event attendance, service viewership, and promotions. She was invaluable to my team and I highly recommend her services!

Rev Robert Turner

St John Baptist Church

Working with Becky has taken our social media presence to the next level! It has allowed us to amplify our brand and maintain a constant (and consistent) presence. It has allowed us to better engage with our membership and we frequently receive feedback re: the level of professionalism of our social media communication. Thank you Alpha Moose!!

Rashida MacMurray-Abdullah

Wiley Rein LLP

The attention to detail in making sure my social media presence strikes the right tone. I have lots of ideas but zero ability to turn them into attention-grabbing posts. Becky solved that problem for me!

Will Baptiste

Financial Blind Spot

Wow. I can not think of anything to improve. I've worked with Becky on a few projects and she is very responsive. I'm not sure how she gets is all done. I loved the edits that she provided for a daily planner that I produced. Her personality is wonderful. She is patient and kind.

Alexis Cook

WSC Associates

Becky is the best. Easy to work with and fast. She understood my view and give what I was looking for and more.

Chanika Pope

Angel Companion

Meet the Writer

Hi I’m Becky

“Passion is paramount.”

I'm an established editor, writer, and marketing expert with over 10 years of experience helping businesses and professionals reach new heights. I've helped companies across industries increase revenue, from nonprofits to multi-billion dollar enterprises. Through extensive training, certifications, industry research, and a serious passion for getting it right, I'm constantly honing my craft so your copy shines every time. Read more about me at the links below.

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