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More Than Words: Using Photos to Make Your Social Media Pop

Since the invention of photography in the mid-1800s, people have loved sharing pictures of themselves with the world. Whether it’s a fun vacation memory or a special holiday spent with family, photos capture more than just a moment in time. They capture the people and relationships that matter most to us, and help us relive those happy feelings every time we see them. So it’s no surprise that, when used in marketing for your small business, using the right photos can be an excellent way to build a relationship with your customers.

Of course, you can’t just throw any picture on your social media or website and expect it to automatically generate business. We’ve put together the following list to help you find the captivating visuals that, combined with engaging text, will be the key to your online success.

  1. Looks Matter. The more engaging and interesting an image is, the more likely it is to grab a viewer’s attention, and the more likely you are to get a ‘like’ or ‘share’. This doesn’t mean you have to hire a professional photographer, though! Using a photo editing app can allow you to change elements like the lighting, color, tone and framing to give your images a professional and consistent look that will help you engage your viewers and help you build your brand. There are a wide variety of apps in a variety of price ranges, but you can start with a list of the best free ones here.

  2. Always use quality photos. While it’s always great to show customers using your products or engaging in your services, sometimes you need to use a stock photo instead of one you took yourself. When that happens, make sure you’re still using crisp, interesting photos that capture your viewers attention. The good news? There are lots of websites where you can find free, quality photos and images. Our favorites include,, and And if you want to add your own style, is a great resource for creating easy, engaging graphics and original content.

  3. Share yourself with your audience. Remember that marketing is about building relationships, and that relationships are built when people get to know each other. Think about the foundation of your small business. What are your values? Where did you come from? Where do you want to go? Use consistency in the types of photos you use to build your brand, and let those photos tell your history. By sharing your past achievements and future goals with your customers, they’ll feel invested in your story and will stick around to see you succeed.

  4. Keep it local. Research has shown that consumers are more likely to contact a business that has photos in their profile on Google or other search engines. Sharing high quality, clear images of your business, services, and products with local business listings like Google Local or Yelp will make it so that your business appears closer to the top of local searches and is the first to grab the attention of new customers.

  5. Freshen up your blog. Many small businesses use blogs to share their stories and connect with their clients, but with the busy schedules of today it can be hard to keep viewers invested. Vibrant, engaging photos can break up long text, and can be used for everything from providing a step-by-step guide on how to assemble your products to showing them how much other clients are enjoying the ambience of your restaurant.

There is no end to the many ways you can combine your photos and copy to bring your marketing to life. Make sure to follow AME on our Instagram and Facebook so we can see your awesome work in action. We can’t wait to see your success!

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