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MailChimp Updates that Affect Your Email Marketing

Do you send newsletters?

Have you thought about email marketing and considered using MailChimp? Then these changes affect you!

In 2019, MailChimp changed their pricing plan and what was included in the Free Plan. For accounts that were already created, many of these features were grandfathered in. They’d still see some changes, though:

  • The Free Plan’s max of 2,000 contacts now includes unsubscribed contacts. To send a free email, the total contacts must be under 2,000 (not just the audience for that campaign).

  • Max of 3 audience lists (current lists can continue).

  • One user per account (current users can continue).

  • No more scheduled campaigns – just “send now.”

See below for the visual breakdown on what’s included and what’s not. For more information on preexisting paid plans, visit the MailChimp article here.

Don’t have a MailChimp account yet? Going forward, the Free Plan still includes:

  • 2,000 contacts

  • basic templates

  • 1 audience list

  • 1 user

  • contact profiles, tags, segmentation

  • free MailChimp domain

  • landing pages

  • social posting

  • and more!

See more about the different pricing plans here.

These changes were the result of MailChimp shifting from just email marketing to a more holistic customer relations and general marketing platform. The Free Plan still offers quite a bit, but legacy users have no doubt already noticed the subtle changes in some features – which can be very frustrating at times!

MailChimp has an extensive and helpful library of articles right here.

Alpha Moose Editing offers email campaigns using MailChimp’s platform. Alpha Moose Editing will create the campaign using engaging content and send it at the time you prefer.

Questions? Email us today!

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