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COVID-19 Communication – How Important Is It?

Your inbox is currently full of dozens of emails from random companies letting you know their COVID-19 plan, and you’re left thinking… How did Victoria’s Secret get my email address?

In the wake of these emails, sudden government and policy changes, unemployment, and pandemic updates, you might be feeling inundated with information.

That’s why the right information, effectively communicated, is so important. You don’t want to feel out of the loop, but too much redundant or unnecessary data can be overwhelming at best. Worst case, this pile of info can be confusing and lead the recipient along the wrong path, like emailing the wrong person or visiting the wrong site. During times like the current COVID-19 pandemic, this can be downright dangerous.

The Work Email

Pretend it’s Sunday, March 15th and you get a message from work. Consider the 3 options below:

  1. “Hello, We’re closed indefinitely. Don’t come in tomorrow. – Management”

  2. “To Whom It May Concern, As you know there are many recent concerns revolving around the coronavirus pandemic and management has started discussing this and how we should respond starting two weeks ago. We’ve taken many measures, like reducing traffic in our store and providing disinfectant and hand sanitizer. Mary was in charge of this effort and can be reached at (123) 456-7890. We’ve also put together a temporary plan that John is spearheading. John has worked for Company Name for over 15 years and is a capable manager who will help us all find direction in these troubled times. Starting tomorrow, we will be closing our office doors temporarily while this pandemic unfolds. The best case scenario is that we will reopen very soon, but the worst case is that the company will close completely. We’re working to prevent this and will continue to update you. If you have any questions, please email You can also text or call John at (410) 123-4567 or You can also call our main line. Thank you, Management

  3. “Hello team, As you know, we’re facing an unprecedented situation with the current COVID-19 pandemic and we’ve taken steps to keep our workplace safe. However, for the sake of our staff and customers, we’ve made the hard decision to temporarily close our doors, effective tomorrow. We ask that our team members not come into the office during this time. We’re not sure how long this will last, but will continue to respond to unfolding events and communicate updates to our valued team members. For questions concerning pay or benefits, please contact Sheryl Johnson at Stay safe, Company Name Management”

Like Goldilocks, you shouldn’t have a hard time picking the “perfect fit.” Option #1 was far too short almost rude, and created more questions than it answered. Option #2, however, didn’t share the right information and provided too many places to go with questions. It was a little confusing, a little scary, and didn’t instill trust in the company. It also didn’t actually say not to come into the office. Some team members might think they’re still supposed to come in, creating more frustration and confusion.

Option #3 was as succinct as possible without doing a disservice to the reader. It was reassuring, straightforward, and informative. It provided one source of information, so less misinformation and confusion among the team. Of course, with an actual company, there may be another paragraph (succinctly) outlining benefits or pay decisions to reduce the questions Sheryl gets.

So When is the Right Time?

Of course, in the example scenario, it’s especially important to quickly and effectively communicate. Here are some other scenarios that warrant communication, both internal and external:

  • You’re closing/reopening/changing to a different platform.

  • You’re changing policy/policies.

  • You’re reducing prices or offering free services.

  • You’re working with another organization to tackle a specific problem and noting where the reader can go for updates.

  • Your company is in the position to help and you’d like to remind everyone about your services (ex: face mask manufacturer or exercise streaming service).

DO NOT send communication if nothing is changing about your company or services and you just want to jump on the bandwagon. Instead of being compelling, your email will remind people to unsubscribe. It also adds to the number of useless emails out there!

Otherwise, most companies are in some way affected by the pandemic. Either they’re forced to close or reduce service (communication needed!) or they have something unique to offer (communication needed!).

From social media to emails to posted materials, it’s especially important to keep your audience in the loop as we get through this together. While some on your mailing list may roll their eyes at another COVID-19 email, there are just as many – if not more! – who were waiting on that very update.

For more information on quick and inexpensive communication services, contact Alpha Moose Editing at

Stay safe out there!

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