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Audience Connection on Social Media

It’s not surprising that after last year, many businesses moved completely online. While there were lots of benefits to this change (hello remote working sweatpants!), there is now the added challenge of building rapport and connection with prospective clients.

Without trade shows, in-person product training, and store samples, it can be hard to even reach customers, let alone build brand loyalty. Yet businesses large and small do have a secret weapon: social media.

Research has shown that in 2021, customers still have the same basic desires: a relationship with their chosen company, to be listened to by that company, to be seen in that company’s marketing, and to have that company be socially conscious.

Whether you’re just starting out or want to bring more customers to your already thriving business, we have some tips and tricks to get the most out of your social media.

  1. Prove yourself through online experiences. Sure, a well-timed social ad might bring you a few new views on social media, but without being able to see how your product or process works it’s going to be hard to bring in a new client. So let them see! Offer online consultations, create Instagram stories, live stream, or film short and engaging videos. Build as much interaction as possible into the online experience by providing live Q&As, using Instagram as a virtual showroom, and showing off user-generated content on all of your pages. All of these practices will increase buyer confidence in products or services they can’t see in person, and will make them feel like they know the real you.

  2. Listen. Then give the people what they want. We all want to feel like we are being seen and heard, especially in times of crisis. Research has shown that 32% of people use social media to find “funny or entertaining content,” allowing them a distraction and entertainment. Ultimately, social media’s main purpose hasn’t changed: to provide connection. So listen to what your customers want using surveys and analytics. Don’t forget to share user-generated content as well as a great way to spark connection between customers. Plus, it’s usually free!

  3. Don’t automatically dismiss a demographic. It seems obvious, but companies often unfairly write off potential customers. One example? Baby boomers. They’re often portrayed as old and inept at technology, yet 70% of internet users between 55 and 74 have bought something online in the past month. With 46% of the US adult population being over the age of 50, you might be missing out on a diverse group of individuals with money to spend on your products and services. And while it might be easy to categorize everyone by age, it’s important to remember that not everyone fits into neat boxes. Expand your marketing to passions and hobbies to attract folks from all generations, and use a variety of ages and abilities in your photos and demos.

  4. Have a social conscience. The many challenges of the past year have not only had an effect on how people buy, but also why people buy. In a recent poll by Deloitte, 60% of polled participants said they would buy more from businesses that have taken care of their workforces and positively affected society during the pandemic. However, it’s not as easy as posting a few on-trend, socially conscious posts. Buyers are looking for authenticity, and will not hesitate to call out anyone they view as being fake or hypocritical. So if you want to be viewed as a purpose-driven business or company, be transparent and sincere. Start by building a culture of purpose among your employees before you ever put it online, and when you do post, be clear about what exactly you are doing and why. And of course, listen: if your clients or customers ask you about your practices or provide feedback, take it into account on how you can improve.

Using these tips, we’re confident you’ll soon be reaching more customers through your social media! And if you ever need help managing your social media, visit our social media page to see all of the ways we can help.

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