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5 Reasons Why Persuasive Writing is Key for Marketing

Good persuasive writing is like that friend that you love to go shopping with: the one who tells you all the reasons that you need that 5th pair of black legging and all the ways these ones are different and better than the 4 pairs you already have at home.

Whether it’s an athleisure wear Instagram ad or a celebrity defense attorney’s closing statement, we’re seeing and hearing persuasive arguments every single day.

It’s everywhere for good reason: it’s a great strategy to build rapport with your audience, bring them to your side, and, once they trust you, guide them in the direction you want them to go. Whether you’re a small business trying to increase sales, a nonprofit looking for support, or someone trying to convince their partner that they do, in fact, need another dog, here are some easy persuasive writing techniques to help you get what you want.

1. Repetition

There’s a reason everyone from kindergarten teachers to algorithm creators use this method: it works.

Repeating the same idea normalizes it for your audience. It comes down to brain chemistry: repetition creates something known as the illusion of truth, where someone starts to believe something they’ve heard over and over because it’s easier for the brain to process a familiar statement than a new statement that they haven’t heard repeatedly.

We have short attention spans (the average online attention span is about 8 seconds), so it’s important your reader or viewer is seeing the same point many times.

2. Storytelling

Persuasion isn’t about manipulation or forcing someone to do something. At its heart, it’s about allowing people to persuade themselves. To do that, they need to connect with your subject.

When you tell a good story, you draw people in and let them build a relationship with your work. Whether it's a single sentence or a full biography, the more connected your readers are to the story, the more they want to be apart of it.

3. Direct & Personal

As we’ve all learned from awkward first dates, the best way to get someone to let their guard down is to get them talking (a little merlot also never hurts). While you can’t give every reader a glass of wine, you can make them feel like they’re having a conversation. Speak directly to them using the word ‘you’ or, if possible, their name, and ask questions. This causes viewers to pause for a moment and answer, even if it’s only in their head. Keep asking (repetition!) and you’ll have a purchase before you know it.

4. Exclusive

Good persuasive writing convinces readers that they want to be a better version of themselves... and a little bit elite. It’s human nature to want to be part of a like-minded community, but secretly most people also want to stand out in that community. Whether your supporter wants to be one of the richest, the most eco-friendly, the hippest, or the most unique, they are more likely to be persuaded if you make them feel special.

5. Social Proof

If you took Psychology 101, you learned that social proof is when we, subconsciously, look to others to tell us what to do. If you show your audience that other people are clamoring for your product, they’re more likely to get involved as well. Taco Bell Mexican pizza, anyone?

This is why testimonials, active social media feeds, case studies, and listing your past clients are so impactful. It's why positive referrals are still the #1 best way to get new business, and why social media is such an impactful marketing channel.

From testimonials to repetition, these are some easy ways to incorporate persuasive writing into your marketing tactics. Let us know if you have questions or want some persuasive writing done for you! Alpha Moose is always here to help. Who knows, we might even be able to convince your partner you need that dog after all.

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