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4 Strategy Tips for Social Media During the Holidays

Are you ready for the holidays?

They’re right around the corner! If you do it right, they can be an important tool in gaining and retaining followers to your small business and social media accounts. But just like that turkey dinner and spending time with your in-laws, the key to success is preparation.

The following steps will help your posts stand out among the masses, and will have everyone clamoring to your socials the same way they run for the tree on Christmas morning.

1. Put it on the calendar.

You need your products and services to be front and center, but you also want to spend time with your friends and loved ones. Why not use a social media marketing calendar? Plug in your posts long before they start pouring the eggnog, and you’ll be free to listen to all of your cousin’s new drama. Loomly, Monday, and Hootsuite offer free trials and affordable options to fit almost every budget, and as a bonus, they’ll give you helpful information about the best times to post on each platform, content suggestions, and intuitive dashboards. Whether or not you use any of these, be prepared and create your posts ahead of time to make your life easier.

2. Get excited!

We all have our seasonal traditions, and part of the thrill of this time of year is waiting for them to arrive. Use that same strategy with your followers and viewers! Share upcoming sales, promotions, and products to get your followers excited to be shopping with you. While there will always be some impulse buying, trends over the last several years show that many people do their research and go into the holidays with a plan. Keep them invested and excited by sharing your upcoming deals, and you’ll see your likes and followers go up faster than Santa’s sleigh from a rooftop.

3. Expose yourself.

No, not like Uncle Joe after one too many glasses of wine… like you at your best! Whether it’s your sense of humor via funny posts, or pictures of your friends and family enjoying celebrations, giving your followers a sense of who you are helps them connect with you and your business. It’s a great time of year to highlight your philanthropic endeavors, thank them for their loyalty, or even send them a sincere, sweet holiday greeting. Just remember to keep it authentic to your brand and style, and to make it about the holidays and not just about sales.

4. Have all the answers.

Typically this time of year brings all kinds of questions to your inbox, asking about sales, shipping times, product details, and more. While you can’t know what people will ask ahead of time, there are still some ways to prepare. Clear out your inbox before advertising any holiday promotions, and assign someone to be in charge of fielding questions in a timely manner. Remember that the holidays are a competitive time in business, so great customer service will help you stand out among your competitors!

We hope these tips and tricks will help you have your best holiday season yet. And remember: whether you’re just starting out or looking for ways to build your existing online presence, Alpha Moose Editing is here to help your socials shine!

Enjoy the season and Happy Holidays!

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