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2023 Marketing Trends

Can you believe it’s already February 2023? With the buzz of the holidays finally dying down, many small business owners are looking to what marketing trends will have them reaching new clients, selling more products, and making this year their best yet. Here’s what we’ve seen so far, and what we expect to see continue throughout the year.

Local Focus

After watching many small businesses struggle due to COVID shutdowns, many consumers are focusing on keeping their money in their community. In 2022, SafariDigital reported 97% of online users searched for a local business. Small, local businesses are often able to build relationships directly with their customers, and have the added bonus of being specific to their local area, meaning they often have the same general needs.

Use this to your advantage! Let your clientele know where you’re from, who you serve, and the community interests that you share.


Customers today are tired of stiff, boring messaging that tells them what they want or what they’re supposed to do. They want the businesses they support to be easily approachable, relatable, and able to have a conversation. Whether you’re thinking about your social media posts, blogs, website, or email marketing, make sure you’re responding promptly to customer interactions. Answer questions, let them know you're listening, and build connections. Be your authentic and professional self, and you’ll quickly build a loyal customer base.


While the ‘influencer’ persona might not be your style, signing up popular social media personalities to create content and showcase their products has been incredibly successful for many corporations and large businesses, and now small businesses want in on the action.

Influencer marketing is expected to see a major increase in 2023 among small business owners, with 17% of those interviewed in HubSpot’s 2023 Marketing Strategy & Trends Report planning on investing in it for the first time. If you’re planning on trying out influencer marketing, make sure your influencer has a large following of your target demographic, or one you’re trying to gain.

User-Generated Content

Today’s customers want their opinion to be heard. While businesses often think of this when they get a negative review, marketing trends have shown that they also want to share their positive experiences. User-generated content (UGC), like tweets, tiktok videos, blogs, and reviews all show that the people buying your product or service are having a good experience, which adds a layer of authenticity that can’t be achieved through traditional marketing. To promote UGC, hold contests (“leave a review and be entered to win!”), offer discounts (10% off when you leave a review), and create original, fun content that customers want to share on social media.

Alpha Moose is here to help. We’ll use our years of experience in social media management, brand development, content creation, and marketing genius to show off the best aspects of your business. Contact us today!

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